1. This will apply when and to the extent that the course is open for play and unless the company considers conditions on the course too dangerous for the IRB to be used. Where the company allows the IRB to be used it will still be the responsibility of the user to satisfy his or her self that it is safe for the IRB to be used. The use of the IRB will be at the risk of the user in all respects and without liability on the part of this company or Nick Rogers Golf Professional or the employees of either of them.
  2.  The user agrees to use due skill and care in using the IRB so as not to cause injury to others or damage to the course or to the property of the company or others and to indemnify the company in relation to any injury or damage caused by the user.
  3. The user will not take the IRB on any green, tee or apron or in any bunker and will comply with any reasonable instructions given on behalf of the company.