As at 1st April 2017


FULL / GENT556.46111.2918.252.50688.50
FULL / LADY556.67111.3317.752.50688.50
FULL / JOINT1001.04200.2136.005.001242.25
FIVE DAY / GENT474.7994.9618.252.50590.50
FIVE DAY / LADY475.0095.0017.752.50590.50
FIVE DAY / JOINT854.37170.8736.005.001066.50
COUNTRY / GENT285.6357.1318.252.50363.50
COUNTRY / LADY285.8357.1717.752.50363.50
COUNTRY / JOINT513.54102.7136.005.00657.50
OVERSEAS / GENT333.9666.7918.252.50421.50
OVERSEAS / LADY334.1766.8317.752.50421.50
OVERSEAS / JOINT601.04120.2136.002.50762.50
YOUTH / GENT 19-21112.7122.5418.252.50156.00
YOUTH / LADY 19-21112.9222.5817.752.50156.00
YOUTH / GENT 22-24241.0448.2118.252.50310.00
YOUTH / LADY 22-24241.2548.2517.752.50310.00
JUNIOR / BOY 7-1212.712.5418.252.5036.00
JUNIOR / GIRL 7-1216.043.2115.252.5036.00
JUNIOR / BOY 13-1842.298.4618.252.5072.00
JUNIOR / GIRL 13-1845.629.1215.252.5072.00
COURTESY HALF 78+ GENT333.9666.7918.252.50355.50
COURTESY HALF 78+ LADY334.1766.8317.752.50355.50
SOCIAL / JOINT41.678.3350.00

Payment Terms

By cheque or credit/debit card by post the 1st of the month of commencing membership.

Subscriptions are payable in advance.  Alternatively they can be paid by 12 monthly instalments by arrangement with Premium Credit Limited, subject to status.  Application forms are available from Linda Trounson in the club office. They charge a flat rate of 6.9% interest equivalent to an APR of 13.2 %. We are required to warn you that if you stop paying the instalments due without first notifying Premium Credit Limited or Linda Trounson in the club office, Premium Credit Limited will charge you an additional  fee of £20.