1. As an immediate measure thorough raking of every bunker has been increased from twice per week to three times per week; inspection and raking as necessary on the other four days per week.
  2. After consultation with the Captain, Committee and a cross section of members we have decided that the sand in the bunkers on the two new hole performs well and is suitable to use in all the bunkers on the course. It is USPGA Approved sand which drains very freely, will not compact and because the grains are large and heavy will be much less likely to blow away.
  3. All existing bunkers to be retained in the final new layout will be excavated and deepened where necessary; the old sand removed; deep soakaways laid in the subsoil; the base of the bunker then lined with permeable membrane dressed under the surrounding turf; exposed vertical edges faced with layered turf (revetted) and each bunker then filled with the new sand.
  4. Several existing bunkers will be removed this autumn and others will be altered as identified below.
  5. In detail the plan for the bunkers on each hole is follows. Any comment or suggestion from members will be considered and may be adopted if  work  inconsistent with it has not already been carried out:

 Hole No. 1 – Suggested number of bunkers: 3

Remove the bunker in the L/H rough approx. level with the front edge of the green; keep the other three bunkers, one in  middle of the fairway some 80 yards short of the green and the two by the green – ( 1 x Left & 1 x Right ).

Hole No. 2 – Suggested number of bunkers:  3

Four bunkers around the green, keep three of them and  remove the one back left and change into a grass trap.

Hole No. 3 – Suggested number of bunkers:   1

Remove bunker in the R/H rough approx. 200 yards off the tee, the fairway bunker and the right hand bunker in front of the green. Re-shape the left hand bunker in front of the green with grass faces and sand only at the bottom.

New Hole No.4 – Number of bunkers: 3

New Hole No. 5 – Number of bunkers: 4

Hole No. 6 – (original 4th hole) Suggested number of bunkers: 1

Remove second bunker on left of green.

Hole No. 7 – (original 5th hole) Suggested number of bunkers: 2

Keep both existing bunkers.

Hole No. 8 – (original 6th hole) – Suggested number of bunkers: 2

Keep two existing fairway bunkers which are in good positions.

Hole No. 9 – (original 7th hole) Suggested number of bunkers: 1

Keep front R/H bunker.

Temporary Hole No. 10 – (original 8th hole)

No bunkers; hole will be closed.

Final Hole No. 10 – (original 9th hole) – Suggested number of bunkers: None

No existing bunkers. Fairway currently allocated for practice ground

Final Hole No. 11 – (original 10th hole played to new green) –Number of bunkers: 3

Fairway currently closed for new green & bunkers to be built and fairway improvement. Old green and bunker currently allocated for practice. Only one bunker originally. 3 bunkers and one grass trap.

Temporary Hole No. 11 – (original 11th hole)

Remove left and right greenside bunkers and maintain middle greenside bunker until hole closed.

Temporary Hole No. 12 – (original 12th hole)

Remove back two greenside bunkers and maintain the fairway bunker and front two greenside bunkers until removed when this is combined with the original 13th.

Final Hole No. 12– (tee on original 12th fairway to original 13th green) – Suggested bunkers: 2

Two existing greenside bunkers.

Temporary Hole No. 13 – (original 13th hole)

Final Hole No. 13 and Temporary 14 – (original 14th) – Suggested bunkers: 1

Remove first bunker in the left hand rough and leave the one nearer to the green.


Final Hole No. 14 and Temporary 15 – (original 15th) – Suggested bunkers:1

Remove the fairway bunker and keep  the greenside one which has already re-done.

Final Hole No. 15 and Temporary 16 – (original 16th)-Suggested bunkers: 2

Remove the second and third bunkers in the right hand fairway / rough and the right hand greenside bunker. Keep the first fairway bunker and the left hand greenside bunker.

Final Hole No. 16 and Temporary 17 – (original 17th) – Suggested bunkers: 1

One bunker up on the front right hand side of the green; revet the vertical face.

Final Hole No. 17– (original 18th played to new green) – Number of bunkers: 3

New green being built with three greenside bunkers and one grass trap – one each front right & left and one each level with the middle of the green on the right & left.

Temporary Hole No.18 – (original 18th)

Old green – keep bunkers maintained – to be turned into practice bunkers once all the changes have been made.

Final Hole No. 18– (to be built on the former driving range) – Number of bunkers: 1 and a lake.


David Hughes

12th August 2015